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Language Lab Guidelines

Welcome to the 2017-18 school year from the World Language Department!

Our language lab was updated THIS last year with funds from the technology levy that our community approved a few years ago.  We now have 32 new computers in our lab exclusively for World Language classes.  This makes the language lab an excellent starting point for projects and language practice. National studies show us that students who use a language lab regularly have an advantage over those who are only with their teacher as their model. Our lab facilitates teacher use of “Web 2.0” tools and expanded use of the Internet as a learning tool, and assessment of skills at all levels. This letter serves to inform you of our language lab policies and guidelines to ensure safe and appropriate use of technology.

Upon arrival, students need to let us know if anything is amiss: cords dangling, computer malfunction, graffiti on the desk or computer, or any other kind of problem or vandalism. It will be recorded and reported to the teacher previously using the lab. This is crucial and will be emphasized regularly by all teachers. This report will then put the responsibility for the problem on the student last seated in that booth, and proper disciplinary action will be taken, in accordance with the Sehome and Bellingham District policies.

Students will be given a thorough orientation before using the lab and will be encouraged to ask questions to clarify procedures and rules while using the facility. We hope your student will enjoy their time in the lab and will benefit from the technology and increased exposure to the language, its culture and its customs.

Guidelines for the language lab:

1. All students must sit according to the class seating chart. This is your seat for the entire semester and you should sit in this seat unless instructed by teacher to sit elsewhere.

2. The lab will be kept locked at all times. No students will be allowed to enter the lab for any reason without a teacher.

3. Equipment. Do not touch any of the equipment unless instructed to do so. If you cannot hear through the headphones, report this immediately to the teacher.

4. Volume should be lowered and computers shut off when a student finishes in the lab.

5. Cords, microphones, etc. should not be bent, twisted or switched, nor played with during the lab time. It destroys the wires inside.   Do NOT move headphones from booth to booth.

7. You should log on using your user name and password. If you need a log in name/password, see Mr. Mangan in the library. You should never share your passwords with anyone else!

8. If you find any damage upon arrival, please report it immediately to the teacher, as you will be held responsible for that booth after you leave.

9. Teachers will be checking for computers left on, vandalism, and writing on the desks after students leave—students will be held accountable for any misuse of the language laboratory.

10. Appropriate use of online/blog behavior:

All posts will pertain (be about) language class. No other subjects/conversations are to be posted. Posts will be in your language of study unless directed by teacher.

11. Harassing/negative comments about others will not be tolerated.  Your teacher will read all posts!! Please use your best judgment before hitting “Send!”

12. Use what you know! In the subject lines use appropriate language such as, “Qué pasa?” “Hola” “Quoi de neuf?” “Bonjour” instead of “What’s up?!” or “Hey!”  Your teacher has the option to delete any/all messages or unsubscribe you completely if you misuse this privilege. If your message is not visible, there may have been something inappropriate in the message.

13.  Google translate is not appropriate to use in a language class.  See your teacher for resources, such as: www.wordreference.com or www.spanishdict.com It is a privilege to use this facility and damage/misuse will affect future class/individual use!

12. Are there other norms that you think are important to include in this list? Please let your teacher know.