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Accents Chart in Spanish

You need to use the following combinations of keys to produce Spanish language characters in word documents and other programs. On a PC you must be sure that NUMLOCK is on. The combinations you need are listed in the following chart. You need to press and hold the ALT key while you key in the indicated number for each character

Character: PC     Macintosh

á Alt + 160

 Option e then a

é Alt + 130

Option e then e

í Alt + 161

Option e then i

ó Alt + 162

Option e then o

ú Alt + 163

Option e then u

ñ Alt + 164

Option n then n

ü Alt + 0252

Option u then u

¿ Alt + 168

Option + shift + ?

¡ Alt + 173

Option e then 1

Á Alt + 0193

Option e then A

É Alt + 0201

Option e then E

Í Alt + 0205

Option e then I

Ó Alt + 0211

Option e then O

Ú Alt + 0218

Option e then U

Ñ Alt + 165

Option n  then Shift n

Ü Alt + 154

Option u then U





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