Tarea del 15 al 19 de septiembre 2014

el 15 de septiembre, lunes-Monday

Repaso de preguntas forma tu..responde en yo

El verbo ser con la cancion

      libro, paquete de "para empezar    Complete five of the vocabulario pages in the review packet.
el 16 de septiembre-
Metas: Learn more about "El dia de independencia de Mexico".  Meet in room 117 con Sra. Hooker y Sra. G y Sra. Rosa :)  
 complete five of the verbos pages in the review packete de primer año.
el 17/18 de septiembre-
Metas:  Review in groups  with teacher guidance major concepts from level 1. Finish finding out scores from the EOC from last year. Correct your written essay into your journal.  Complete the audio file of the "bio-poema" using the "voki" program in the language lab.

Complete as much of the review packet that you are able to do.  If you aren't able to finish tomorrow, know that it can be checked for completion/corrections
through the month of september.
el 19 de septiembre viernes Friday
Pre-prueba for the "para empezar" chapter.  Be able to answer basic questions such as the 5 questions on page 23 in your "para empezar" packet.  Also, review conjugation of your present tense verbs!  

Homework: Finish the "leche" actividad de para empezar.