Columna 2: Verbos de Se Habla

Homework for Friday, April 22nd: Choose 20 words from this list for your "personal" list of vocabulary to supplement your studies next week. On our next quiz, Monday, May 3rd, you will be quizzed on these words! :)


Dedicarse to dedicate

Depender to depend

Depositar to deposit

Desabrocharse unbuckle

Desayunar breakfast

Descansar rest

Desear desire/want

Desobedecer#  to disobey

Despedirse* to say goodbye

Despegar to take off (plane)

Despertarse* to wake up

Destruir# destroy

Devolver* to return

Dibujar draw

Dirigir to direct

Disfrutar to enjoy

Divertirse* to have fun

Doblar to turn

Doler to hurt

Dormir sleep

Ducharse to shower

Durar to last

Echar to throw

Empatar to tie

Empezar* to begin

Encantar  to love

Encender* to light/turn on

Encontrar* to find

Enseñar to teach

Entregar to turn in

Enviar to send

Escalar to climb

Escoger# to choose

Esconder to hide

Escribir to write

Escuchar to listen

Esquiar# to ski

Estar to be

-casad@    married

–separad@  seperated

–divorciad@ divorced

-de acuerdo  in agreement

Estornudar to sneeze

Estudiar to study

Explicar# to explain

Explorar to explore

Facturar  to check (baggage)

Faltar to be missing

Fascinar to fascinate