1B Presentation R2

Presentación Oral:

Your group of friends are studying abroad in Spain (or other Spanish Speaking Country) the 2nd semester of the 2017-18 school year. Lucky for them you studied abroad last year. They know you have traveled and are taking Spanish at the moment so they come to you for help. Your friends ask you to compare and contrast the extracurriculars offered at Sehome with those offered at schools in Spain. Please compare at least 2 extracurriculares offered at Sehome with 2 offered in Spain (or another Spanish Speaking Country). What activities are more popular? What activities or clubs does Sehome offer that isn’t offered in Spain? Are there activities or sports offered in both places? Which is more popular?
Escritura Interpersonal:
You have a pen pal in Spain who happens to be coming to Sehome High Fall of 2018 as an exchange student. He/She asks you what are some extracurriculars that are offered here at Sehome. Please respond to his or her email by listing and describing at least 4 extracurriculares offered here at Sehome and how they compare with one another. Who leads the clubs? Are there more sports than clubs? What clubs or sports are better? Why? Make sure to include as much detail as possible.