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Link to Ashleigh's Handout on ACTFL, Reading links

What is Global Competence?  -Source-ACTFL Position Statement

Describing Global Competence:
Global competence is the ability to:

  1. Communicate in the language of the people with whom one is interacting.
  2. Interact with awareness, sensitivity, empathy, and knowledge of the perspectives of others.
  3. Withhold judgment, examining one’s own perspectives as similar to or different from the perspectives of people with whom one is interacting.
  4. Be alert to cultural differences in situations outside of one’s culture, including noticing cues indicating miscommunication or causing an inappropriate action or response in a situation.
  5. Act respectfully according to what is appropriate in the culture and the situation where everyone is not of the same culture or language background, including gestures, expressions, and behaviors.
  6. Increase knowledge about the products, practices, and perspectives of other cultures.